Workshop Descriptions

Class times and descriptions are subject to change.

Essential Oils 101 with Nina Taylor

Essential Oils are so much more than lovely aromas, they are nature's most potent medicine with the capacity to impact the mind, body, and emotions, simultaneously. In this workshop we'll discuss exactly how essential oils function within the body and the three ways to use them safely and effectively. We'll sample a selection of doTERRA's certified pure therapeutic grade oils throughout the workshop, covering their specific therapeutic benefits so you can leave feeling empowered with an awareness of natural solutions for optimal health. 


Healing Through Connection:

Releasing Tension with Kristina Barešić

Do you feel stuck? Isolated?

Has the deep winter left you with a heaviness you can’t shake?

Come join me in releasing this tension in an energetic container of love + acceptance.


Connection is at the foundation of all healing; Connection to self, connection to another, connection to spirit. In this workshop you will be lead through a gentle space to play with all three. Through a series of guided meditations, self-awareness exercises and community sharings, we will create a safe space of personal exploration and loving connection to help us move through the blocks that keep us stuck. Through this release we will feel into a new sense of lightness, inner freedom and inspiration. 


Pen + paper will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own journal. 

Connecting to your Source - Movement

with Mary Dora

We will explore our body-mind flow as we journey through a physical practice to awaken and cleanse our yin and yang channels. We will meditate in stillness and in movement. We will shake out all the SHIT and give it to Mother Nature where it belongs. We will use an embodied and mindful approach to discover somatic movement. We will use this practice as a way to connect to our source. Culminating in a relaxing & grounding sound bath to close the practice. 


Welcoming all bodies with an artistic and physical practice. No prior dance training is required, just an openness to explore.

Yoga Mandala - Family Yoga

with Jill Naftolin

Get ready to connect! In this fun family yoga class with the theme of Spring Awakenings participant's can expect a fun series of yoga activities involving stretching, strengthening, and connecting with each other. Leading the class will be ECE, Regulation Specialist and Rainbow Kid Yoga instructor Jill Naftolin who's excited to guide a group Mandala with some easy partnered poses to increase the fun and the bond of family love and support. The class will close with a guided meditation and breathwork to rest and relax together. Looking forward 

Peace, love and happiness ♡

Menstrual Health

with Tiffany Wyse 

Your period changes as you get older and Tiffany will be with us to talk about what might look like and what it can mean.  Tiffany is a Naturopathic Doctor based in the Junction and is ready to uncover the illusive topic of menstruation.

Digital Detox

with Elenna Mosoff  

Elenna, camp counsellor of the Universe, is going to be talking on Digital Detox.   Spending more time on your phone than connecting with others? Come listen to this beautiful person guide us on how to disconnect.

Plant Medicine - The Big Picture 

with Nina Taylor

A brief discussion on the impact plant medicines and their synthetic counterparts (AKA pharmaceuticals) have on humanity and the planet. Including a simple breakdown of how our bodies process both kinds of medicine, how they can impact our psyche and emotional state of being, and the ripple effect this creates in the world around us.  

My Story

with Talli Osborne

"I see that it is
now me changing people’s lives,
inspiring others in the same way
that I was inspired so many years
ago. I am doing what I was put on
this earth to do and I realize that
maybe the world has in fact, always
been with me."  Check out Talli's Bio here

acuShiatsu Treatment

with Ann Mackinnon and Judith Dunstan

is a specialized form of acupuncture and massage that is performed by placing 5 thin, sterile, single-use needles at specific Chinese medicine related acupoints on the outer ear. The needles are left in place for 20 minutes, during which a practitioner provides shiatsu massage on shoulders, neck and head. Sit in meditation, prayer, self-support or reflection.  This protocol is helpful in supporting the challenges of emotional and mental health, addictions, stress, emotional trauma, craving, mental illness and or PTSD.  These points serve to balance the body's energy and assist the body's healing processes 


Sacred Sisterhood Circle

with Kassandra Da Silva=

We will talk about women's circles in ancient times and the importance of sisterhood.  Learn more about my circle gathering in the city and join me for a talk and meditation into our souls.


with Tracey TieF

What are my options if I can't take hormone altering contraception, or if I don't want the side effects? How do I avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals from condoms and sex toys? Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, will introduce you to the FemCap, the Caya Diaphragm, Contragel Green and Caya Contraceptive Gel, and to natural, fair trade condoms lubricated with herbs! She'll also have on hand a variety of non-toxic menstrual products and sex toys made from wood, crystal, glass and even pleasure pottery!


Tracey, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Founder of Anarres Apothecary, Teacher

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Guided Meditation

with Allison Creech 

Let go into the stillness of an extended savasana.  Enjoy a guided meditation that offers you a place of deep connection with self.  Be present to the group energy that builds.  Leave knowing that you are more aligned in body, mind, and spirit.  Thank yourself for receiving the gifts of deep relaxation.     

Sacred Self Care 

with Tanya Turton

Sacred Self-Care explores our relationship with self-love as the foundation to our self-care practice. Providing space for exploration and healing we will share practical tools to build a trusting relationship with self, ultimately improving your self-care practice. 

How To Be Safe While Being Authentically Seen

with Jen Polo

Do you fear what people think of you?  Do  you walk the earth with a mask that you want to take off?  Join Jen for tips on how to be you and feel safe doing it.

Cultivating Connections With Plants

with Kat Gibson 
Gardening can be a therapeutic practice that connects us more deeply to ourselves and nature - the full spectrum of plant, animal and human communities. In this workshop, Kat will guide participants through a tea meditation to ground and open followed by seed planting ritual. Participants will take home seeds that they planted to attend to at home. 

Heart Chakra Hatha Yoga 

with Cheyenne Sapphire

Start your morning with a fresh yoga and movement class dedicated to activating your heart chakra and awakening your imagination. The class will flow through Hatha postures that open our hearts and energize our bodies. Our yoga technique will be enhanced with guided dance movements, where we rebel against rigid thought processes and allow our body to explore yoga with freedom. All levels welcome! :) 


with Viktoria Kalenteris  

Viktoria is an intimacy coach in the city and she will be talking about how to gain more intimacy in your relationships.  What in your life is stopping you from getting closer to others?

Candle Magic

with Safiya Randera 

The Spring Equinox is the perfect time for planting seeds and dreaming our visions of the coming year.  The full moon is "FULL ON" and is an equally powerful time to release.  One way of working with this energy is through candle magic.  Candle magic is a way of harnessing the unseen energy of the Universe to effect a change in the physical world-whether that change is tangible, like more money in your pocket, or intangible, like releasing emotions that have you feeling stuck.  Candle magic is not only powerful but is also regarded as the easiest form of magic for beginners to learn.  This class will cover common ways to intentionally use candles to manifest or release.  We will discuss colour correspondences and associations, candle anointing, sigils, petition papers, numbers and timing.