Teacher Bios

Mary-Dora is a non-binary, multi-discplinary artist currently living and working in Tkaronto. Their creative practice is channelled through dance, performance and film making experimentation. As a teacher and mentor, MD is interested in using movement, breath and sound as an intuitive form of healing. They work in the community as a DJ, reiki practitioner, yoga & movement instructor. 


Michalina Piatkowski is a Toronto-based Astrologer, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and sometime yoga instructor, who in 2017 pooled all her intuitive skills under the business name ‘Attuned Practices’.  Michalina believes in every individual’s right to the empowering and relieving qualities of intuitive development and spiritual connection. Her mandate is to help demystify and de-taboo (not a word, she knows) faith and one’s tie to all things, both the tangible and the unseen.


Talli Osborne

This is how I was born, in the nineteen eighties, in Montreal, Canada. I was born from a couple who, after only seeing what was missing from my body, put me up for adoption. I was promptly moved to a nursery, then out of the province. I had undergone many surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy all by the age of two. But this was just the beginning.  I was adopted by the
most amazing two people I could’ve ever asked for, and
joined a large and growing family.  Raised with the knowledge that I could achieve anything, that I was indeed the director of my own destiny. And with that, I pushed forward.  Every moment an experience, every experience 
an opportunity to learn and be inspired.

Artisan, and Alchemist.

I am the creator of Soul Natural, a vegan cosmetic and crystal boutique. I have taken what the beautiful Earth has given us and provide you with hand crafted, vegan, alternatives to everyday products. In addition, I create handcrafted crystal jewelry infused with healing and unconditional love.Greetings Gods and Goddess' my name is Kassandra and I am a spiritual warrior Goddess. I am passionate about igniting a fire within others, empowering them to achieve their wildest dreams. My purpose is to empower others to see the magik in themselves and the world around them.

Through years of dedication and study, I have reawakened and continue to reawaken my own healing gifts and abilities. Today I've evolved into a passionate Spiritual Development Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Meditation Teacher and Card Reader.

Nina Taylor is a Wellness Educator with over twenty years experience working in the realm of Holistic Health and a lifetime of experience cultivating her deep connection with the Mystical Arts. She's a Truth seeker devoted to guiding and supporting women towards their Truths and the full expression of their brilliance. For more info, visit 

 Ann MacKinnon has been working in the healing and social justice areas for most of my life. I understand our health, well being and the well being of others to be integrated. The personal, political, spiritual and physical are all interrelated. I believe our development as living beings, the development of our societies, and the development of our environment are all connected to one another.

We live in challenging times. With the amount of confusion, distress, isolation, overwork and sickness around us we need to continually make an effort and commitment to support ourselves and each other towards an integrated holistic process. My approach to healing and development is a client centred practice; to meet the client where she is and with a warm and nurturing approach, work together to where she wants to be.

     Viktoria Kalenteris is an avant garde intimacy coach in Toronto for over 10 years. She helps empower men, women and couples get the life, love and intimacy they desire through your choice of private coaching, group programs and retreats. Viktoria resonates with a healthy level of integrity, awareness, and presence while inspiring confidence, curiosity and wonder.

     Her approach is that of a holistic creative balance of science and woo woo. In addition, she is a transformational counsellor, practitioner and instructor of adventurous learning, Holistic Chi Kung massage, and the ancient wisdom of Tibetan, Classical, Taoist and Neo Tantra. Specializing in empowering adults with regard to their sensuality and sexuality within the contexts of nurturing, healing, grounding, pleasure and playful loving.     

Allison Creech M.Ed, ND 

I am grateful to be able to honour spirit, mind, and body in the work I do as a naturopathic doctor and professor.  It was a bit of a surprise when I first discovered my gift for guiding journey-based activations of consciousness, but this has become one of my favourite ways to support wellbeing.  I am honoured to help others connect to the life force within, and to witness the amazing energy that opens up as we do.  When it comes to healing, my sense is that our own vitality emerges as we are able to process our experience from a space of safety and deep connection, grounded in the present moment.  Love and compassion for the self is where it's at!  

In my private practice, I often combine acupuncture with guided meditation and I offer small-group acupuncture + deep relaxation sessions on a monthly basis.  Find out more at www.alightalive.com 

Safiya Randera is an artist and spiritual worker who elevates and connects people through creating cleansing ceremonies, supportive spell work, protective practices, sacred circles and women’s retreats. She also facilitates death with dignity, and supports individual and global healing through her reverential work for her clients’ ancestral constellations and lineage. Many of her teachings come from Spiritist and Folk traditions, with a deep connection to her guides, ancestors and nature spirits.

Safiya is an Earthkeeper; Holding a practice of plant spirit medicine for over 9 years. She works from a place of deep connection with nature to support clients as they tap into their own innate healing intelligence, restoring them to balance and wholeness. She is a clairsentient and intuitive facilitator of one’s self-healing, who works with compassion and absolute respect for each client’s personal journey.

Kristina Barešić is an energy healer and self-transformation facilitator. She spent the past 6 years studying energy medicine, holistic nutrition, reiki, core energetic-based techniques, psychology and group facilitation. She is a compassionate intuitive, clairsentient and claircognizant facilitator who uses her body as a channel to connect to Spirit and the client’s higher self to help support them on their unique healing path.

Kristina’s vocation was birthed from her own childhood traumas and history of addiction. Through her own healing journey and self-transformation she has found the gift of Authentic Human Connection - and at the foundation of Kristina’s integrated and collaborative approach, is the healing power of this universal gift.

Her passion lies in empowering her clients to move through their emotional blocks, supporting them as they reemerge with a deeper sense of self-awareness, inner freedom and personal alignment.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Tanya Turton is a , Creative Entrepreneur and Wellness Educator. Tanya has committed her practice to empowering self-love and holistic wellness. Tanya describes her calling by saying "I facilitate and provide tools for people to fall deeper in love with who and how they are".


She currently works as the the founder of NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty, Adornment Stories and as an Art With Impact educator. Using arts, media, and education Tanya is an advocate for wellness.

Jill Naftolin, ECE and regulation coach with over 20 years experience in behavioural therapy. As a certified Rainbow Kid Yoga Instructor, Jill is passionate about guiding our youth and families to develop tools for balancing - whether it's how to raise the vibe or ground one's energy, since these are survival skills. Motivation is key thus activities are planned for fun and to ensure we shine some light as we turn inward... Heh, maybe add some twinkle lights in there.

Jen Polo intimately believes that our physical bodies, and the
vast energy system that makes up our bodies, are continuously
trying to guide us towards absolute health.  Jen dedicates her time to empowering people to trust their own deep knowing of how they can find a way back to wellness. As a graduate from the well known Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a Shamanic Practitioner and a Shalom Retreat Leader, Jen’s work blends modalities of hands on healing, transformative education around reframing beliefs, and working with Spirit to facilitate and aid healing.Jen runs a private practice offering 1 on 1 and couples work indowntown Toronto. She also offers Shalom Retreats – a
powerfully transformative emotional, mental and energetic
healing done in community. 

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Kat Gibson 

A graduate of the University of Toronto with a Master's in Education, Kat is an urban farmer, educator and earth lover.  She is a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, completed a two-year Priestess Path Apprenticeship, year-long herbal studies and completed a two-year training as a Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator.  Kat got her start growing food, herbs and flowers on her balcony and also while volunteering in a community garden which evolved into working on organic farms for 3 years. She went on to start up Lady Gaia's urban farm plot at Fresh City Farms in 2013 while working on a two-year contract as a project coordinator for South Riverdale Community Health Centre. Kat is also currently working as a Community Gardens Program Coordinator for Ecosource, an environmental education non-profit serving youth, adults and families. 

Inspired by the rhythms of the earth and cycles of nature, she has combined and evolved these practices to integrate wisdom, ritual, and ceremony that honor the elements as a guide to explore the many layers of interconnection between nature, self and community. Working passionately with the Earth has invited a deeper and more intimate relationship with herself, bringing forward a sense of aliveness and trust in her wholeness as a living being on the earth.  

Cheyenne Sapphire

My passion for yoga and transformational arts overflows into everything I create including my yoga ~ barre ~ lessons and

workshops. I began the practice of yoga at the age of 12 and currently teach Hatha, Prenatal, Postnatal, Blind folded yoga/movement therapy and Barre. As someone who has also suffered greatly due to scoliosis I seek to empower students of all walks of life to bring ease into their healing evolution with my yoga style. I am honoured to share my practice and guide individuals to transform trauma into trust.

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Elenna Mosoff

I believe in the analogue revolution. I believe we are moving farther and farther from who we are meant to be as a result of an increased relationship with technology, and a shrinking relationship with all things that are alive. I believe in local.  I believe that the change the world is longing for happens right in our own backyards. I believe it’s important to know your neighbour and the local coffee barista. I believe in making impact by connecting on a deep and intimate level with ourselves and one another.  I believe nature can show us about who we are. I believe that inside each of us, there is a deep longing to connect, to belong, to love and be loved. I believe we are all searching for a return to this place within us.